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Musical Mata - Hari


Our dream to create a musical about the great Dutch dancer Mata Hari, and, ultimately, to perform this musical on famous New York Broadway, began already back in 2006, when the first versions of the score, the book and lyrics were completed. Since that time, we never ceased working on that dream. It came significantly closer, when, Mata Hari was in 2013 a huge success in Prague, Europe; and soon after that, even closer, when, in the same year, we started our first contacts and negotiations with our American counterparts about bringing this masterpiece to Broadway.

A year ago we started to prepare the performance of the musical MATA HARI on Broadway. Our co-operation with Broadway producers continues very successfully, in order to prepare the premiere for the year of the centennial of her death.

Pavel Karas

MATA HARI (1876-1917) is considered the archetypal spy, a femme fatale of the early 20th century, an exotic and tragic beauty, a romantic heroine and a new and modern embodiment of Eve the sinner. She remains a myth.

But what do we actually know about her?

We know that she was arrested. But for what? Spying for the French? Working for Paris while getting paid in Berlin? For plunging headlong into dangerous adventures out of love for a man in whom she saw her tragically long-dead son? Or perhaps the entire risky spy episode took place because of her long-lost daughter whom Mata Hari loved with such devotion. The saddest part of her life however was her premature and violent demise ending with the bullets of a firing squad. And her body, so beautiful and desired when alive, was not worth burying to anybody and ended up on an autopsy table.

Who was Mata Hari really? Was she more than a princess, a courtesan, an artist, a lover, an adventurer, or unhappy mother who loved her children to the grave? A spy who left hundreds of thousands in her wake? A new Salomé? A sacrificial lamb of a country at war? None of the above… or something more? Prepare to meet an exceptional woman. A woman who will repeatedly surprise you, a woman so distant yet so near, that you will understand why she still causes controversy and stirs passions.


Michal David

Michal David

/ Music - Producer /

The perhaps most acclaimed Czech hitmaker and music composer of today, Michal David started his career as a jazzman. In 1976, when he was just sixteen years old, he received the ‘Musician of the Year‘ award at the Prague Jazz Music Days Festival. Before long, his career as a hitmaker and pop-music singer also took off, when he won First Prize at the International Music Festival ‘Intertalent,‘ becoming one of the greatest pop stars in Central Europe. Many Czech and international music stars have performed his music and he has recently started working with Céline Dion and Bryan Adams.

His fame increased after composing the scores for many successful musicals. The most praised among them were ‘Kleopatra,‘ in 2002, and ‘The Three Musketeers,‘ in 2004; these musicals have been running to this day, and have been performed in South Korea as well as other countries. In his most recent musical, ‘Mata Hari,‘ which premiered on September 26th 2013, he, according to the opinion of experts and the public alike, surpassed himself, and created a work that boldly transcends all borders.

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